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At Pet Scene Bath & Boutique we want to provide every pet owner with the ability to spend quality time washing their pooch without having to worry about the clean up you would have in your home. Come experience our self serve dog wash and see why your pup loves to have you do the washing in a facility made for dogs. It’s not only convenient but we supply you with everything you need and no appointments are necessary.

We also have a boutique up front that caters to your dog and cat’s many needs. We have natural and organic foods, treats, cool leashes and collars, fun toys as well as gifts for people who love pets. We are constantly getting in new items! See what the rest of the town is talking about, and visit the hip place where your pet needs to be “seen”.


Depending on the breed and condition of the pet, we recommend that you have your pet groomed every 4 to 6 weeks.  Your groomer and bather will be happy to guide you with a grooming schedule that meets you and your pet’s specific needs.

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Our beautiful self service wash stations include all the essentials.  Each self serve wash includes your choice of natural shampoo (Oatmeal, Whitening, or our “Smell of the Month”, a nice Aloe Vera based solution).  In addition, we stock each tub with cotton, ear cleaner, cologne and towels. Our high-velocity wind dryers will held to reduce shedding.  Best of all, we clean up the mess!  Self-serve prices run from $10 to $19 and are based on weight.

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