Self-Serve Dog Wash

Our beautiful self service wash stations include all the essentials. Each self serve wash includes your choice of natural shampoo (Oatmeal, Whitening, or our “Smell of the Month”, a nice Aloe Vera based solution). In addition, we stock each tub with cotton, ear cleaner, cologne and towels. Our high-velocity wind dryers will held to reduce shedding. Best of all, we clean up the mess!
Self-serve prices run from $10 to $19 and are based on weight.
  • Small Dogs 0 to 10 lbs – $10
  • Medium Dogs 10 to 50 lbs – $13
  • Large Dogs 51 – 100 lbs – $16
  • Xtra Large Dogs 100+ lbs – $19
Pet Scene Self Serve Dag Wash
Last self-serve is 5:30 pm (we close at 6:00). BRING YOUR KIDS AND MAKE IT A FUN FAMILY EVENT!! Pet Scene provides step stools for little ones, and coloring books with crayons.

You can add on services to your self-wash and get your dog, or cat, sparkling!

Prices subject to change.

Blueberry Facial $2.00
Premium Shampoo & Conditioner $5.00
De-Shed Package $10.00-$20
Nails Clipped $8.00
Nails Smoothed (Dremel) $10.00
Teeth Brushed $3.00
Face Trim $3.00
Sanitary Trim $5.00
Paw Trim $10.00
Anal Glands Expressed $10.00
Single Dose Flea Treatment $20.00